Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sketchbook Dump

A couple full sketchbook pages. 



Monday, December 8, 2008

Sketchbook Dump

Some drawings from Balboa Park, my favorite place in San Diego to sketch.

Fortune Teller, The Prada.  2004

People in Balboa Park.  2006

Friday, December 5, 2008

Sketchbook Dump

When I moved from San Jose back to Borrego I carried 3 or 4 years worth of sketchbooks with me. About 50 pounds really. And there was about another 50 pounds of sketches waiting for me when I got here. Some of these I hadn't looked through in over 8 years. Time to turn em upside down and see what falls out....

The good stuff gets scanned. You'll see it here.

The bad stuff gets trashed. You'll see it in hell.

Sketching dude. 2006-ish

Mom Knits. 2006

On the bus. 2006

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where We Last Left Our Hero....

This is a memo to my San Jose/ShrunkenHead Friends who might be wondering what the heck happened to me. Well....

Where we last left our intrepid hero he was in San Jose unsuccessfully looking for work and not particularly happy.

Then a little more than two months ago I went back from whence I came. Back to Borrego Springs. Back into my parent's house. Back into my old room. My drumset is back exactly where it used to be when I first learned how to play 'Immigrant Song' when I was 15.

I have been working at a local Café, making pizzas and delivering them to the hungry families of the land.

I have been teaching a beginning drawing class for the community. So far I believe it has been a great success. More classes will follow.

I have been volunteering once a week for after school art instruction at Borrego Springs Elementary School, my alma mater.

I have been working on an ongoing animated film project with Zach Knoles, Julien Shields and Christine Rhee. They're in San Jose. I'm down here. We talk over the internet with Skype. It's fun.

I have been working on paintings to show at an upcoming community show at the Borrego Art Institute.

I have been making new friends, reconnecting with old friends and I have been playing music.

I have been working on countless other projects. I have been scanning my old sketchbooks. I have been reading and writing. I have been planning and plotting.

Frankly, I have been as productive as I've ever been in my life.

To my fellow artists, I want to say something. These are uncertain times and we are in an uncertain profession. If you need to work a day job to make your ends meet while you pursue your own artistic pursuits there is no reason to be embarrassed. If you feel the need to move back with your folks in order to save money for the future, consider yourself lucky that you have that option and go for it.

I didn't become an artist to get rich. I didn't become an artist to get poor. I became an artist because I wanted to be happy. And at this moment, I am.

Nothing else to say except...

Fire It Up!

December 2 - Life Drawing Session




Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Up and Running

Well its taken me long enough but here is my art blog, up and running.

I've found that showing my work has been hard at times but ultimately its necessary. When it comes right down to it, thats the whole point of doing this isn't it?

And besides, I'm a grown man with a goddamn BFA. I can't be afraid of doing this anymore!!!

There are many blogs that are effectively commercials for the artist. In other words, nothing goes online unless it is a 'portfolio piece.'  I think thats fine. Some day soon I may have a place on the internet like that. But that won't be this blog. In fact, I intend to post work here that will seriously embarrass me. I also intend to post work that I think is pretty darn cool.

I hope this will be a record of my growth as an artist. I hope it will be an incentive to do good work. And I hope it will be my ongoing connection to you, the larger community of artists:  My dear friends and my dear friends that I have yet to meet.


- Geoffrey

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Thump... Thump...  Testing...

Is this thing on?  Can you hear me in the back?  Are we ready to begin?  

Let's begin....